Primetech supports emergency service drive for collaboration, improved efficiencies, and better resource usage

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Primetech's innovative MultiPod® can be used on a wide variety of utility style vehicles to provide flexible Collaborative Response Vehicle options for Emergency Services, from low water-usage firefighting to combined service response

Primetech is supporting the drive for improved Initial Response with its Collaborative Response Vehicle with MultiPod® and advanced firefighting systems. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on emergency services to deliver more with less, by adopting more efficient single, combined or multi-agency emergency response vehicles and systems.

To support these moves, emergency service personnel need the right tools for the job, and a key requirement for this is the development of more effective, cost efficient Collaborative Response Vehicles.

To answer this requirement, Primetech has designed and created the MultiPod®. MultiPod® is a drop-in module capable of turning an off-the-shelf or under utilised existing fleet, utility-style vehicle into a Collaborative Response Vehicle (CRV).

In an exclusive partnership with Swedish company Cold Cut Systems, MultiPod® will be the host for a unique lightweight version of the COBRA high-pressure lance-based firefighting system. The MultiPod® COBRA is a brand-new concept which follows on from Primetech’s successful frame unit.  MultiPod® COBRA retains the same water carrying and firefighting capability as the standard COBRA model. However, it now has the benefit of a substantial reduction in weight, with the same 7-8 minutes of operation, therefore enhancing the speed and flexibility of a lighter weight device on utility vehicles. MultiPod® COBRA is a significant development for Fire and Rescue Services, giving them a major new weapon in their firefighting armoury.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service is one of the first organisations to explore the collaborative and flexible emergency response potential of MultiPod®.  When looking at the concept of a multi-capability Community Protection Vehicle, MultiPod® fits in with the drive for increased levels of collaboration between the emergency services, to improve public safety in an era of tighter budgets, along with the need for diversified, expanded and more effective use of service resources.


Groundbreaking MultiPod® COBRA gives firefighters new options. System retains unique lance and nozzle firefighting capabilities, reduces weight, increases flexibility.

The ‘Community Protection Vehicle’ project for Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, is still in its conceptual planning, specification and evaluation phases, although certain key features and benefits are starting to emerge. The CPV would have the option to carry medical equipment, including a defibrillator, rescue tools and additional community support kit.

System configurations are designed to provide quick response options for providing collaborative support for paramedics, and for firefighters dealing with small fires which do not require the deployment of a full fire tender.

Commenting on the development of the new collaborative Community Protection Vehicle concept, Andy Hermiston, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service, said: ‘Fire and rescue services in the UK continue to progressively develop and broaden our community protection role by adding value in what would have been previously perceived as unconventional ways.

‘Vehicle such as the Community Protection Vehicle (CPV) allow services the ability to respond quickly to any emergency with the right resources whilst optimising our capacity to deliver lifesaving prevention and intervention responses to meet the new and ever increasing public expectation of the fire and rescue service.’

The CRV vehicle is capable of carrying the next generation of firefighting systems, such as the MistMax Pro system, which delivers low-pressure firefighting capability via the patented MistNozzle with a 65% reduction in water used, and the Cold Cut ultra-high-pressure system.  

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The MultiPod® COBRA mounted in the Primetech MultiPod® provides both high pressure lance and misting firefighting options. It retains the same water carrying and firefighting capability as the standard COBRA system, but has the benefit of a substantial reduction in weight, therefore enhancing the speed and flexibility of a lighter weight device on utility vehicles.

Primetech has met with fire service personnel and we have listened to how they perceive what the future of the Fire and Rescue Service will be.  Taking on board the comments received, Primetech believes we have developed a comprehensive and innovative solution. Our universal family of flexible, demountable MultiPods® can be set up for use on a wide variety of different vehicle platforms and configurations, and used in a multitude of different ways.

MultiPod® is constructed using advanced polymers that deliver great strength but which are light in weight.

Firefighting is supported with either the MistMax Pro misting system or the Cobra ultra-high-pressure de-mountable system, both delivering huge firefighting power due to the effectiveness of misted and high pressure water in suppressing fire temperature and airflow to fire sources.

The MultiPod® MistMax Pro system is a lightweight, compact pump-driven firefighting unit encompassing the latest integration of materials, design and functionality. Using the patented MultiPod® MistNozzle technology it maximises water preservation and has an option for a foam induction system to be included within the unit.

Integrated water tanks of various sizes allow self-sufficient supplies of water to be carried, permitting higher vehicle speeds. The MistNozzle not only provides a very powerful level of firefighting, but it also allows users to have extended use of water supplies, consuming 24litres/minute in Mist mode and 48 litres/minute in Jet mode.

MistMax market

Primetech offers options for both MultiPod® MistMax Pro misting systems and Cobra Compact high pressure lance firefighting systems, for use on Collaborative Response Vehicles carrying the Primetech MultiPod®

The system is suitable for both urban and rural fire services looking to provide Collaborative Response vehicles. It also assists and supports retained firefighters in all areas, and other emergency services that are dealing with Road Traffic Accidents.

Primetech’s ground-breaking MultiNet Comms system can also be carried on the CRV with MultiPod®. This latest technology provides command teams with fully portable, battery-powered C-COM Ka-band mobile satellite broadband and other incident ground communications systems.

Command teams using the system can be housed in rapidly assembled temporary shelters carried in the vehicle or in local buildings, thereby reducing the need to acquire and deploy large, expensive Incident Command Units.


Primetech's innovative MultiNet Comms system supports emergency services and humanitarian relief organisations wanting to achieve a Common Operational Picture across single and multi-agency incidents. The battery powered system combines portable satellite and wireless communications, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and other live imagery, plus mobile communications.

During major disasters and emergencies emergency services, government departments and agencies need high bandwidth, robust, integrated emergency communications to support their command, control and coordination objectives - accurate, real-time incident information shared across single and multi agencies to create a Common Operational Picture.

  • Command and communications systems should allow emergency responders to assess and record multiple incidents and threats, so that they can deploy and manage resources efficiently, in a joined-up manner, across all single and multi-agency emergency organisations and command levels, both locally - at sector and incident level - and nationwide.
  • This is not easy, with potential participants including Fire and Rescue services, Police forces, Ambulance services, central and local government departments (such as the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Transport, rail and Underground companies) and supporting agencies: the armed forces, Gold, Silver and Bronze commands, plus national committees such as COBRA, and NGOs such as RNLI, RSPCA and the Red Cross, along with local community groups and individuals.

Solutions from Primetech which support the creation of a Common Operational Picture and integrated command, control and communications include: 

  • High bandwidth Ka-band mobile satellite broadband, delivered across a variety of platforms, from large Incident Command Units, to more portable units such as the Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer, which can be used to provide satellite and wireless communications in temporary command centres, such as school halls and temporary shelters.
  • MultiNet Comms is a newly released family of modular, portable incident ground communications solutions, designed to enhance emergency communications by supplying systems in robust, battery-powered units The various 'nodes', can deliver UAV and other live imagery, Ka-band mobile satellite broadband access, and 3G/4G mobile and private cellular networks and are housed in ruggedised cases. Video, voice and internet communications are provided over 2.4 and 5.8 GHz WiFi via a mesh network. The nodes have swappable battery packs for support over long duration incidents
  • High Definition incident ground and command centre video, delivered from a wide variety of devices - body and helmet-worn cameras, tripod and vehicle-mounted cameras, aerial platforms, helicopters, aircraft and UAVs.
  • Internet and news media access, highly useful methods for obtaining up-to-date information at ground and command centre level.
  • GIS mapping, command, control coordination and management systems for monitoring, communicating, controlling and sharing information on incident, threats, deployments and incident command decisions.

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For further information and to arrange a demonstration on any of our portfolio of solutions, please contact Primetech

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