MultiPod®, MultiPod® Cobra and MultiNet® Comms to be on show at ESS 2017 - Primetech stand G13


The unique Primetech/Cold Cut Systems MultiPod Cobra firefighting system

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 Primetech's ground breaking new MultiPod and the Primetech/Cold Cut Systems lightweight MultiPod Cobra will be among several advanced firefighting, communications and multi-agency/combined agency support systems on display at the Primetech stand (G13) at the Emergency Services Show this year (September 20 - 21 at the NEC Birmingham).

In addition to the MultiPod demountable pod system and the MultiPod Cobra lance-based firefighting system, the MultiNet Comms integrated communications system will also be on display, with Ka-band satcomms,  COFDM Mesh Wifi, drone, body-worn and other live-streamed imagery, and interoperable communications. 

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Primetech and Cold Cut System's MultiPod® COBRA and Primetech MultiPod® shown at Birmingham Terror Threat Congress


The Primetech MultiPod with Lightweight Cobra firefighting system on display at the Birmingham Terror Threat Congress

Date: 18 May 2017
Venue: West Midlands Fire Service Headquarters , Birmingham

The theme of the Congress training conference was: Improving Multi-Agency Resilience in the Face of an Evolving Threat.

Delegates were given an exercise scenario that was set in the West Midlands and which was facilitated by Dr Dave Sloggett. It was based upon contemporary tactics that are in use by terrorist organisations based in Western Europe and situated against a specific real-world backdrop of current iconic events in the West Midlands which have an international profile and which could be vulnerable to some kind of terrorist attack. 

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