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FRS’s interest grows in Primetech MultiPod® and MultiPod® COBRA

Primetech and Cold Cut Systems launch reduced weight MultiPod® COBRA, Gloucestershire FRS trials system for new Community Protection Vehicle concept

In an exclusive partnership with Swedish company Cold Cut Systems, Primetech’s groundbreaking MultiPod® portable, storage system will be the host for a unique lightweight version of the COBRA high pressure lance-based firefighting system, developed in conjunction with Primetech.  The Primetech MultiPod® COBRA system will be the flagship product for Primetech and Cold Cut Systems, and emergency services will be able to see the system on show at the LGA Fire Conference and Exhibition from 7 - 8 March in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


The MultiPod® COBRA is a brand-new concept which has been built on Primetech’s successful frame unit used in the MultiPod®. MultiPod® COBRA retains the same water carrying and firefighting capability as the standard COBRA model but with the benefit of a substantial reduction in weight, therefore enhancing the speed and flexibility of a lighter weight device on utility vehicles.

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Primetech, Avanti and C-COM deliver dual satcomms resilience breakthrough

Primetech Scotland trip image one

The Primetech-supported media communications vehicle, equipped with a newly developed Primetech/C-COM/Avanti dual satellite solution, used to provide reliable voice and data communications for a high profile off-road media expedition across remote Scottish locations.

  • Collaborative venture’s new solution allows access to multiple satellites through one receiver dish, a major tech breakthrough.

  • System is proven in field on high profile off-road drive by motoring media across Scotland.

  • MutiNet Comms wifi ‘bubble’ supports access by multiple media teams such as Top Gear

When the PR agency for a major global car company needed robust, resilient satellite and integrated Wifi communications to support national motoring media covering a drive across remote and wild regions of Scotland they turned to Primetech for a unique and pioneering solution.

A Primetech-supported media communications vehicle, equipped with a newly developed C-COM/Avanti Ka-band satellite solution, was used to provide reliable voice and data communications for a high profile off-road media expedition in remote Scottish locations. In the process, deployment of the system provided proof of concept for an advanced new combined satellite signal solution for accessing two satellites, delivering improved resilience. The system has a wide variety of other applications.

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Primetech supplier C-COM Named One Of Canada’s Most Innovative Public Tech Companies

OTTAWA, November 14, 2016 – C-COM Satellite Systems Inc., (TSXV: CMI) a leading global provider of mobile auto-deploying satellite antenna systems, announced today that it has been named by the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) as one of the year’s 20 most innovative Canadian publicly listed technology companies.

The CIX Public Investors Top 20 is a unique ranking – not based on share price or market cap – and is designed to showcase Canada’s hottest and most innovative public technology companies. The Top 20 businesses are chosen based on a number of key factors including: overall innovation, product/service offering, depth of management, market opportunity, and business model.

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C-COM's iNetVu systems receive Telenor Satellite approval

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc., (TSXV: CMI) the leading global provider of mobile auto-deploying satellite antenna systems, announced today that it has received type approval for its iNetVu® Driveaway and Flyaway antenna systems from Telenor Satellite, a major satellite provider of broadcast and data services throughout Europe and the Middle East.

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The iNetVu® Ka-98G Driveaway and the iNetVu® FLY-98G 3-axis transportable, along with the advanced 7710 auto-acquire controller, was able to deliver in excess of 10Mbps upload and download rates over Telenor’s THOR 7 High Throughput (HTS) satellite.  THOR 7, positioned at 1o West, offers 6-9 Gbps throughput with up to 25 simultaneously active spot beams in Europe and the Middle East. 

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Primetech launches radical and innovative new MultiPod system with MistMax and Cobra firefighting options, and collaborative MultiNet Comms interoperable communications.

ESS Stand G13 

Primetech UK Ltd has announced the launch of its innovative new MultiPod drop-in module for carrying a wide range of emergency systems and equipment. It is also announcing its offering of highly efficient MistMax and COBRA fire fighting systems for integration into the MultiPod. All of these systems have been designed to support the drive for a more effective overall emergency service response, more comprehensive combined service capability, and enhanced multi-agency collaboration.

PrimetechTRVMultiPod home

The CRV with MultiPod is capable of carrying the next generation of firefighting systems, such as the MistMax system, which delivers low-pressure firefighting capability.

MultiPod, is a unique ‘drop in’ body system designed by Primetech to be used in any 4 x 4 utility style vehicle. This means that should a service have vehicles of this type within their fleet then these vehicles can easily be brought into service to fill the role of Collaborative Response Vehicles. MultiPod presents a real opportunity to bring significant financial savings to any Authority considering the introduction of CRV's into hard-to-reach or remote locations.

MultiNet, is a range of portable, self-contained, incident ground communications solutions designed to meet the growing demands for cost effective, interoperable and flexible incident management communications. Additions to the Satellite broadband packages offered by Primetech include the XTAR high-throughput X-band space segment that offers dedicated, non pre-emptible service and new occasional user services via the Thor 7 Ka-Band service.

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