Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer


Primetech Expanded Resilient Communications Trailer

The groundbreaking Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer has now been expanded and upgraded, with powerful new capabilities added. The trailer features the MultiNet Comms system, allowing full incident ground coverage by sector - UAV imagery, COFDM WiFI, Ka-band mobile satellite broadband, interoperable comms switching and radio. Compact, economical, powerful systems in a unit that is towable by vehicles of any kind.

Flexible, Resilient Satellite and WiFi Communications Delivered in an Easily Deployed, Portable and Low Cost System 

Primetech’s Resilient Communications Trailer provides satellite and wireless communications backup when emergency services and agencies need to set up temporary command and communications centres - in community centres, schools, offices or temporary shelters - or to supplement existing communications systems with extra capacity. 

Towable by vehicles of any kind, the Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer is a self contained, flexible and resilient communications unit that can deliver high bandwidth capability, in any location, via an auto-seeking Ka satellite system, with multi-VPN automatic 3G failover and wireless communications from a 5 metre pneumatic mast. 


  • Easily towed and manoeuvred trailer allows mobile satellite broadband and wireless comms to be taken into sites not easily reached by larger mobile command vehicles. 
  • Use of the trailer frees up larger command vehicles, essential during large-scale, wide area multi-site and multi-agency emergencies.
  • Trailer is a self-contained versatile, resilient unit delivering high bandwidth capability via an auto-seeking satellite system, multi-VPN, automatic 3G failover unit.
  • Trailer features 5-metre pneumatic mast delivering powerful wireless communications to support improved emergency management by emergency service teams.
  • Provides a low cost ‘force multiplier’ to boost emergency services’ communications capabilities and resilience.
  • With extension cables trailer can be used at sites such as schools, community centres and office buildings when major emergencies require short or long-term communications capability.


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