Primetech - an industry innovator and trusted supplier and systems integrator to emergency services, NGOs, government departments and agencies and business

Technological innovation, superb customer support for its emergency services and blue chip business customers, and a growing programme of creative partnerships with emergency services suppliers, are driving a highly successful phase of business expansion for leading UK emergency services, business communications and systems integration company Primetech. Primetech has been serving emergency service, government, NGOs and business customers for many years, and is widely recognised for its high business and technical standards, and its track record of introducing cutting edge technologies in support of improved public safety and business communications.

Primetech has pioneered a number of key technologies in the UK market. These include:


The MultiPod® Ultra Compact COBRA gives firefighters fast, flexible, new firefighting capabilities, in a unit that has reduced weight, making it suitable for use in the Primetech MultiPod®.

Primetech NewTrailer2According to Henry Walker: ‘The Ka-band system operates on beam technology, with high capacity throughput within that beam. One of the arguments that might be used against Ka technology is that you need beam capacity as you move between the different beams. However, our satellite hardware is agnostic to the beam; secondly we have a solution in the pipeline that will allow transparent movement between any of the beams.’

Primetech has the technological expertise and experience to create innovative new solutions to help emergency services, governments and business to solve some of the key communications challenges they face in a fast moving environment.  Call or email Primetech today to discuss your specific requirements.



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