Cumbria FRS launches new Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle from Primetech

New system and vehicle supplied by Primetech and Cobra Cold Cut Systems will deliver massive improvement in firefighting effectiveness


The recently introduced Cumbria FRS Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle supplied by Primetech

New state-of--the-art firefighting equipment, supplied and integrated by Primetech, which uses a high-pressure hose to blast straight through brick walls and tackle major blazes on the other side, has now been taken into service and launched by Cumbria FRS.

Firefighters can identify the location of a fire inside a building using infra-red technology. The Cobra cold cutting unit on the Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle then uses a lance to shoot an ultra-powerful jet of water loaded with an abrasive cutting substance to blast a 1.3mm pin-sized hole in the wall.  Water is then injected through the hole as a high-pressure mist to absorb the heat and gases from the fire.

The system can reduce the heat in the fire area from 700 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees in just 40 seconds. The system is far safer for firefighters, who can tackle fires from outside rather than entering a burning building, and the instant dowsing reduces the risk explosions of fire. The system instantly limits the spread of a fire and gives the Rescue Leader more time to plan operations.


Portable Cobra unit from Primetech within Cumbria FRS Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle

The Cobra cold cutting system, normally used as an original equipment item fitted within conventional fire appliances, has been adapted by Primetech’s design and engineering team for use in a more portable configuration within smaller, faster and more versatile vehicles such as Cumbria FRS’s Land Rover. 

Cumbria cabinet member for the Fire and Rescue service Councillor Barry Doughty said, ‘This is a fantastic piece of equipment. It will enable us to tackle fires without exposing firefighters to very high temperatures and the potential health hazards of entering a fire.

‘It not only improves safety but because the hole created is so small, no oxygen is admitted to the fire which dramatically boosts the firefighting effect and reduces any potential backdraft.

‘The new vehicle will initially be deployed in the Barrow area, whilst a full evaluation is conducted in both training and operational environments, prior to the state-of-the-art equipment being fitted to newly commissioned fire appliances.’

Henry Walker, technical director for Primetech, said, ‘We are delighted to have been able to support Cumbria FRS with this new Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle. The birth of this mini appliance shows that innovative and cost effective new methods of firefighting can be introduced that protect public safety and firefighters’ lives.’