‘We’ve been using Primetech’s MultiNet satellite internet system for a couple of years and it has proved its worth many times in our more remote areas.

‘But more recently we’ve incorporated it into our new control vehicle with a small modification to the modem Peli-case, introducing a weather-proof RJ45 connector which allows us to have the modem hard-wired into the vehicle’s network for improved connectivity.

‘The new control vehicle has a repeater linked to other repeaters on a network via the internet, so a good stable internet connection was vital. It’s quite amazing to think that a simple two-way radio communication between base and a team member in the remotest of locations is actually travelling via satellite.’

Kendal Mountain Rescue Team



Surrounded by Scafell Pike and Great Gable mountains, with no 4G or mobile signal, this secluded 200-year-old Inn benefits from MultiNet - Primetech's UNBREAKABLE network.

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