Primetech - for 20 years a technology innovator and trusted supplier and systems integrator to emergency services, NGOs, government departments and agencies and business

Primetech is a leading systems integrator and pioneering developer of advanced technologies, communications, vehicle platforms and fire fighting and lighting solutions for emergency and security services, NGOs, central and local government departments and agencies, armed forces, banks and businesses. The company has ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation and is a C-COM Satellite Systems Authorised Service Centre (the first for Europe).

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Primetech solutions help emergency services, departments and agencies improve their operational efficiency, enhancing the speed and security of their communications, reducing their carbon footprint using low and ultra-low emissions vehicles and platforms, and creating and sharing a dynamically updated Common Operational Picture across single and multi-agencies. Primetech solutions help protect life and property, all at lower operating cost. 

Primetech’s ground breaking MultiNet Communications system (in ICU, Trailer and portable forms) integrates cutting edge communications channels and technologies (including combined Ku/Ka and X-Band secure satellite communications through one receiver, COFDM Mesh networks, 4K helmet, body-worn and other cameras and drones, and interoperable communications) to help emergency services gather critical Incident Ground Intelligence and deliver a Common Operational Picture across single and multi-agencies.

MultiNetCommsLogo300Primetech’s MultiNet Communications system combines converging, proven technologies where terrestrial networks are inconsistent, scarce or congested.

The MultiNet Network delivers fast, robust, reliable connectivity for emergency services and Search and Rescue organisations, for creating and sharing a Common Operational Picture, as well as utilities, banks, and other businesses - Anywhere! Anytime! Any location!

It fulfils the demand for:

  • Temporary or special project networks
  • Emergency/Disaster response
    Festivals/Sporting events
  • Greenfield developments

MultiNet Communications/The MultiNet Communications Trailer

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  • The MultiNet Communications Trailer is a unique piece of kit for supporting emergency, SAR and disaster response operations. It contains a range of high power communications systems, giving emergency services, SAR organisations and disaster response organisations and NGO’s a new option for deploying high powered, self-sufficient mobile satellite broadband-based communications without requiring the use of a full scale Incident Command Unit.
  • Combined with portable accommodation such as tents, or used in temporary facilities such as schools, churches or local government buildings, the MultiNet Communications Trailer allows a fully featured emergency command centre to be set up anywhere, at any time.
  • The MultiNet Communications Trailer features the MultiNet multi-frequency mobile satellite broadband system (Ka, Ku and X-Band through one receiver), a self-healing COFDM Mesh wifi network, Incident Command software on MDT's, and an 8-metre mast capable of supporting a wide range of different frequencies and radio systems - UHF, VHF, TETRA - plus VoIP, digital television, satellite phones , etc.
  • These systems can then be integrated with drones, wide-area incident ground wifi using mobile base stations, and the hugely capable MultiNet T6 Communicator combined handheld/body-worn radios with hi resolution video/stills camera and GPS capabilities. These deliver push-to-talk capability in areas where normal radio and mobile phone mast coverage is not available.
  • All of these systems, plus a silent running generator, are housed in a robust, waterproof, long-life co-polymer pod carried on a trailer that can be towed by non-specialist vehicles and drivers, both on- and off-road.


User Case study - Kendal Mountain Rescue Team

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‘We’ve been using Primetech’s MultiNet satellite internet system for a couple of years and it has proved its worth many times in our more remote areas.

‘But more recently we’ve incorporated it into our new control vehicle with a small modification to the modem Peli-case, introducing a weather-proof RJ45 connector which allows us to have the modem hard-wired into the vehicle’s network for improved connectivity.

‘The new control vehicle has a repeater linked to other repeaters on a network via the internet, so a good stable internet connection was vital. It’s quite amazing to think that a simple two-way radio communication between base and a team member in the remotest of locations is actually travelling via satellite.’
Kendal Mountain Rescue Team


New product launches include:

The powerful MultiNet T6 Communicator combined camera, radio and GPS-enabled device, which allows emergency responders to use time and date-stamped (and encrypted) 4K Ultra High Definition video and audio, linked through interoperable satellite, mobile, Wifi and radio systems, providing full comms coverage regardless of location.

pcam1The MultiNet T6 Communicator: 

  • Can be carried on PPE or mounted on vehicles, and is packed with cutting edge capabilities, including push-to-talk, communication across networks, a distress alarm function, TFT monitor and the ability to capture HD still photographs.
  • Comes with a portable, secure docking station (IP68) that contains an intelligent data management system which automatically downloads encrypted files from up to 12 bonded cameras simultaneously, with each downloaded file attributed to the ID number of the camera, time and date stamped for evidential trail purposes.



  • pn2xThe HT-19 is Primetech’s most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet. Highly durable and easy to use, the HT-19 combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help users identify heat sources smarter and safer. The HT-19 delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging at an affordable price.
  • The HT-19 helps emergency workers find hot spots and heartbeats faster, when every second counts. It allows them to see through smoke, and to visualise and execute plans.


  • The smaller, highly durable and easy to use HT-2A combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you to identify heat sources smarter and safer. The HT-2A delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging at an affordable price.

The LUMAPHORE® B40 BackPac

  • fp5Delivers a massive 6200 Lumens at 40Watt, and weighs less than 9 kgs with 7 hours operational use at 100%.
  • The B40 BackPac is a potential game changer for SAR teams worldwide, allowing powerful lighting to be man-carried on an incident ground, This supports more effective response under the difficult conditions often experienced by emergency response and SAR teams, reducing the need to use less powerful snd effective torches.
  • The LUMAPHORE® 400XL is the most adaptable of the LUMAPHORE® LED range. Four high-power COB LEDs in a translucent polycarbonate casing give increased ground level illumination. It has IK10 protection, and is available with IP65 rated enclosure. The LUMAPHORE® LED 400XL emits more than 48,000 Lumens from less than 400 W.


EasyTrac mobility mat system

fp3Primetech has added the EasyTrac range of roll-up mobility mats to its product range. This will provide emergency services with a proven method for improving vehicle access and movement in difficult operating conditions. The mats, which can support vehicle weights of up to 16 tonnes and above, have been tested under extremely rugged conditions and with very heavy vehicles.  

The mats, which are light in weight, are made of rugged plastic and available in a wide range of customisable colours (including fluorescent mats for night vision). They can be used to help vehicles of all kinds cross muddy, wet or other difficult ground

The Standard size mat is 1m length x 600mm wide, but the width can be extended up to a maximum of 1m if required at additional cost. The range of mat sizes available is:

  • Standard (50) Weight of 1m mat- 3.5kg. Max usage 8 tonnes.
  • Strong (60) Weight of 1m mat- 4.8kg. Max usage 12 tonnes.
  • Extra strong (70) Weight of 1m mat- 5.0kg. Max 16 tonnes.
  • Customisable up to 100 tonnes.
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