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Complete Satellite Connectivity for Oil, Gas & Energy IoT, M2M/SCADA Applications.

Adoption of IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) in the energy and fossil oil & gas industries increases yearly as their full potential for monitoring and control is recognized by organizations.

hiSky’s Smartellite™ terminals for satellite communication meet the emerging need for connectivity; answering the demand of IIoT for use with remote energy assets and infrastructure, such as offshore oil & gas platforms and oil rig wells in rural locations.


  1. Oil Rigs
  2. Offshore oil and gas platforms
  3. Inland remote oil wells
  4. Unmanned extraction sites

Main Features & Benefits

  • Remote personnel voice calls and text messages via a dedicated app (for Android & iPhone)
  • Real-time process monitoring for extraction and drilling
  • Real-time acceleration and enhancement of seismic data acquisition analysis
  • Less staff needed on site to monitor production equipment
  • Real-time gathering of database information
  • Centralized monitoring efforts for multiple remote unmanned sites
  • Site security
  • Ruggedized robust terminals for challenging environments and extreme conditions
  • Increased production profitability

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