How the powerful MultiNet system supports improved operational effectiveness and enhances public and emergency worker safety

MultiNetCommsLogo300The MultiNet Integrated Incident Ground Communications System is a world leading solution to the challenges emergency services and other agencies face when dealing with major incidents of all kinds. It supports the gathering of critical Incident Ground Intelligence in real time and the creation and sharing of a Common Operational Picture.

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Key features include:

Primetech’s market leading MultiNet Communications system integrates cutting edge communications channels and technologies to help emergency services gather critical Incident Ground Intelligence and deliver a Common Operational Picture across single and multi-agencies.

Primetech MODAS Panasonic

Creating and sharing a Common Operational Picture. In partnership with 3tc’s MODAS Incident Command solution, MultiNet Communications allows dynamic operational and risk-critical information to be made available where it is needed, when it is needed, for everyone who needs it.

Now, with 3tc’s MODAS Incident Command solution, and using ruggedised laptops and tablets such as Panasonic Toughbooks, MultiNet allows dynamic operational and risk-critical information to be shared, delivering a Common Operational Picture, communicating command decisions more clearly and effectively, and allowing incident events and operational effectiveness to be monitored more effectively.

Recent events are an everyday reminder to the Emergency Services, other responders and decision-makers of the critical need for single and multi-agencies to be able to create, maintain and share a dynamically updated Common Operational Picture. Seamless access to accurate and timely Incident Ground Intelligence supports crucial decision making, and the optimum deployment of the required resources, supporting improved public and emergency personnel safety.

Simon Land, Primetech’s Senior Design Engineer, explains: ‘Primetech’s MultiNet communications system provides a platform for gathering critical Incident Ground Intelligence and delivering a Common Operational Picture. Our product is an easy-to-use, fully integrated solution, and by utilising all available communications channels, we can support fast, responsive and effective incident management.


MODAS Incident Command screenshot illustrating emergency service cordons and GIS mapping.

‘MultiNet includes audio and visual reporting through the use of body and helmet-worn cameras, combined with live-streaming, using drone technology, and other available video camera imagery, connected by a self-healing COFDM Mesh network. Our technology has the capability to link computers and screens across incident grounds for onward transmission to a wider audience via either mobile satellite broadband through Ka-band, Ku-band or X-band, or 3G/LTE networks. Interoperable communications can be relayed, shared and captured when required, to ensure complete incident ground management.

‘As Primetech celebrates its 20th anniversary, we are proud to support our many clients within the Emergency Service sector, and we pride ourselves on developing and supporting a highly sophisticated, integrated command communications system that assists the emergency services to cope with whatever incident challenges they may face.’

Flexible options

MultiNet is a highly flexible system, allowing a wide variety of individual components to be housed easily, either in larger, Incident Command Units, or, for example, within our Resilient Communications Trailer. Alternatively, for complete flexibility, it can be supplied as a fully portable version, installed in ruggedised waterproof cases powered by both mains or batteries and carried in smaller, lighter vehicles carrying the Primetech MultiPod lightweight storage system.


Fire Cam OnCall video cameras can withstand very high temperatures and provide high resolution 4K, live-streamed secure video imagery and high quality audio

In whichever form MultiNet is deployed, the result is the same – an intelligent, resilient, incident command communications solution, capable of sharing critical up-to-date Incident Ground Intelligence across 3G/LTE/Ka band, Ku-band or X-band Sat Comms, COFDM Mesh and other networks.

Primetech is in discussion with a number of Fire and Rescue Services and companies in order to help them meet their ultra-low emissions fleet targets, by offering lighter weight and greener vehicles, platforms and systems.

The solutions Primetech offers can also be used in smaller, less polluting and more agile, conventionally powered utility-style vehicles carrying the Primetech MultiPod®.

Primetech’s upgraded MultiPod® has a 10% lighter and stronger body, and offers a wider range of flexible options for compartmentalisation and storage. The MultiPod® allows smaller, lighter, less polluting vehicles to be used for firefighting.

Primetech can offer further systems that support the use of smaller, greener vehicles for emergency response, including the portable, integrated MultiNet Comms system, with Ka-band mobile satellite broadband and integrated incident ground communications using COFDM Mesh. Award winning helmet and body-worn cameras and highly effective drones are also part of the lower carbon footprint MultiNet Comms solution. Fully capable integrated communications systems on smaller greener vehicles can deliver much the same capability as larger, more polluting Incident Command Units.

Continuing, Henry Walker says: ‘Primetech has been developing and integrating lighter weight, less energy intensive and more effective firefighting systems, platforms and systems for a number of years. We are delighted that our systems are now being recognised as highly effective and proven options for helping Fire and Rescue Services reduce their carbon footprint, meeting their ultra-low emissions targets and cutting air pollution, while still fulfilling their obligations to public safety.

‘We look forward to demonstrating our new solutions to support the “Green cities” goals

Primetech SCCTrailer

Primetech’s Resilient Communications Trailer has been upgraded to deliver combined Ka, Ku and optional X-Band multi channel mobile satellite broadband capability through one satellite receiver. It also delivers COFDM Mesh network, 3G/LTE, and interoperable communications capability, and has an on-board generator.

Primetech is supporting the drive for improved Initial Response with its Collaborative Response Vehicle with MultiPod® and advanced firefighting systems. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on emergency services to deliver more with less, by adopting more efficient single, combined or multi-agency emergency response vehicles and systems.

To support these moves, emergency service personnel need the right tools for the job, and a key requirement for this is the development of more effective, cost efficient Collaborative Response Vehicles.

To answer this requirement, Primetech has designed and created the MultiPod®. MultiPod® is a drop-in module capable of turning an off-the-shelf or under utilised existing fleet, utility-style vehicle into a Collaborative Response Vehicle (CRV) or Initial Response Vehicle (IRV). The recently upgraded MultiPod is now stronger and 10% lighter, while retaining all the flexible storage options that has made it so appealing to emergency services.

Primetech has just launched, and is the sole UK distributor for, the Fire Cam OnCall range of helmet-worn 4K video cameras, which have been designed by firefighters for firefighters. The cameras can withstand very high temperatures and provide high resolution 4K, live-streamed secure video imagery and high quality audio. This can be viewed through Primetech’s MultiNet Comms system as well as on a unique smartphone app with secure access. The cameras are so high spec that they were chosen by an award-winning production company which had a requirement to record broadcast quality footage (onto SD cards) for a live action documentary series that will be shown in the autumn on the TV’s Really Channel. The documentary follows firefighters undertaking their various professional roles in West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service.

The MultiNet T6 Body camera

Primetech has introduced a new, high-spec body-worn video camera (The MultiNet T6 Body camera) to its MultiNet portfolio. The camera is a robust, Wi-Fi, 4G and GPS enabled device, which is interchangeable between vehicle or body-worn mounts that simultaneously live streams, tracks, records, encrypts time & date stamped 4K Ultra High Definition video & audio.

The T6 meets the standards set out in the HO Technical guidance for Body Worn Video (BWV) devices: CAST 2018; and is ideal for collaboration across all sectors of the Emergency and Security Services supporting situations where security and well being are at risk.

The T6 is packed with cutting edge capabilities containing a number of key features comprising of :- a "push to talk" facility; communication across a network; distress alarm function; TFT monitor and the ability to capture HD still photographs.


The MultiNet T6 Body camera (left), Reveal FirePRO advanced handheld thermal imaging camera (centre) and Hytera Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM) body-worn camera with remote speaker phone (right).

Reveal FirePRO is an advanced handheld thermal imaging camera. Highly durable and easy to use, Reveal FirePRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you fight fires smarter and safer. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. TheReveal FirePRO delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging available at this price.

Hytera Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM) is designed to capture, store and share media including audio, image and video evidence taken from the field. The body-worn camera with remote speaker phone allows users to make and receive voice communications, initiate an emergency alarm, and deliver real-time video to a control centre over the LTE network, even in low-light conditions; when paired with the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio. The Hytera RVM docks into a specifically designed Multi-Unit Charger that automatically exports audio, video, images and log files to the Digital Evidence Management (DEM) platform. This feature ensures content captured remains tamper-proof.

Primetech gives powerful boost to capabilities of multi-agency Self Contained Communications Trailer

The Self Contained Communications Trailer will be fulfilling a requirement for a communications trailer that contains a range of high power communications systems to support multi-agency operations. It includes a C-COM Ka-75 iNetVu Ka-band mobile satellite broadband system, incident ground WiFi and an 8-metre mast capable of supporting a wide range of different frequencies and radio systems - UHF, VHF, TETRA - plus VoIP, digital television, satellite phones etc.

All of these systems, plus a silent running generator, are being housed in a robust, waterproof, long-life co-polymer pod (a variation on the Primetech MultiPod) carried on a trailer that can be towed by non-specialist vehicles and drivers, both on- and off-road.


The Resilient Communications Trailer has multi-agency interoperability built into its DNA. All participating local authorities have provided input into its specification and development, and all will be able to use its features and receive its benefits. This fits with the drive throughout the UK and Ireland for improved multi-agency cooperation, something that depends heavily on the provision of powerful, high quality interoperable communications systems and affordable platforms. Many emergency services are now looking at specifying similar units for their own fleets.

Towable by vehicles of any kind, the Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer is a self contained, flexible and resilient communications unit that can deliver high bandwidth capability, in any location, via an auto-seeking Ka satellite system, with multi-VPN automatic 3G failover and wireless communications from a 5 metre pneumatic mast. Units can be customised to satisfy individual service requirements.

  • Trailers are easily towed and manoeuvred, allowing mobile satellite broadband and wireless comms to be taken into sites not easily reached by larger mobile command vehicles. 
  • Use of the trailer frees up larger command vehicles, essential during large-scale, wide area multi-site and multi-agency emergencies.
  • Trailers are self-contained versatile, resilient units capable of delivering high bandwidth capability via an auto-seeking satellite system, multi-VPN, automatic 3G failover unit.
  • Trailers feature 5-metre pneumatic masts delivering powerful wireless communications to support improved emergency management by emergency service teams.
  • The Resilient Communications Trailer can provide a low cost ‘force multiplier’ to boost emergency services’ communications capabilities and resilience.
  • With extension cables trailer can be used at sites such as schools, community centres and office buildings when major emergencies require short or long-term communications capability.

MultiPod® is constructed using advanced polymers that deliver great strength but which are light in weight.


Primetech’s upgraded MultiPod® has a 10% lighter and stronger body, and offers a wider range of flexible options for compartmentalisation and storage. The MultiPod® allows smaller, lighter, less polluting vehicles to be used for firefighting using systems such as MistTech.

Primetech’s ground-breaking MultiNet Comms system can also be carried on the CRV with MultiPod®. This latest technology provides command teams with fully portable, battery-powered C-COM Ka-band mobile satellite broadband and other incident ground communications systems.

Command teams using the system can be housed in rapidly assembled temporary shelters carried in the vehicle or in local buildings, thereby reducing the need to acquire and deploy large, expensive Incident Command Units.

Primetech's innovative MultiNet Comms system supports emergency services and humanitarian relief organisations wanting to achieve a Common Operational Picture across single and multi-agency incidents. The battery powered system combines portable satellite and wireless communications, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and other live imagery, plus mobile communications.

During major disasters and emergencies emergency services, government departments and agencies need high bandwidth, robust, integrated emergency communications to support their command, control and coordination objectives - accurate, real-time incident information shared across single and multi agencies to create a Common Operational Picture.

  • Command and communications systems should allow emergency responders to assess and record multiple incidents and threats, so that they can deploy and manage resources efficiently, in a joined-up manner, across all single and multi-agency emergency organisations and command levels, both locally - at sector and incident level - and nationwide.
  • This is not easy, with potential participants including Fire and Rescue services, Police forces, Ambulance services, central and local government departments (such as the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Transport, rail and Underground companies) and supporting agencies: the armed forces, Gold, Silver and Bronze commands, plus national committees such as COBRA, and NGOs such as RNLI, RSPCA and the Red Cross, along with local community groups and individuals.

Solutions from Primetech which support the creation of a Common Operational Picture and integrated command, control and communications include: 

  • High bandwidth Ka-band mobile satellite broadband, delivered across a variety of platforms, from large Incident Command Units, to more portable units such as the Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer, which can be used to provide satellite and wireless communications in temporary command centres, such as school halls and temporary shelters.
  • MultiNet Comms is a newly released family of modular, portable incident ground communications solutions, designed to enhance emergency communications by supplying systems in robust, battery-powered units The various 'nodes', can deliver UAV and other live imagery, Ka-band mobile satellite broadband access, and 3G/LTE mobile and private cellular networks and are housed in ruggedised cases. Video, voice and internet communications are provided over 2.4 and 5.8 GHz WiFi via a mesh network. The nodes have swappable battery packs for support over long duration incidents
  • High Definition incident ground and command centre video, delivered from a wide variety of devices - body and helmet-worn cameras, tripod and vehicle-mounted cameras, aerial platforms, helicopters, aircraft and UAVs.
  • Internet and news media access, highly useful methods for obtaining up-to-date information at ground and command centre level.
  • GIS mapping, command, control coordination and management systems for monitoring, communicating, controlling and sharing information on incident, threats, deployments and incident command decisions.

For further information and to arrange a demonstration on any of our portfolio of solutions, please contact Primetech

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