EasyTrac mobility mat system

Rolls ready to deployPrimetech has added the EasyTrac range of roll-up mobility mats to its product range. This will provide emergency services with a proven method for improving vehicle access and movement in difficult operating conditions. The mats, which can support vehicle weights of up to 16 tonnes and above, have been tested under extremely rugged conditions and with very heavy vehicles.  

The mats, which are light in weight, are made of rugged plastic and available in a wide range of customisable colours (including fluorescent mats for night vision). They can be used to help vehicles of all kinds cross muddy, wet or other difficult ground (see the EasyTrac demonstration on You Tube).

The Standard size mat is 1m length x 600mm wide, but the width can be extended up to a maximum of 1m if required at additional cost. The range of mat sizes available is:

  • Standard (50) Weight of 1m mat- 3.5kg. Max usage 8 tonnes.
  • Strong (60) Weight of 1m mat- 4.8kg. Max usage 12 tonnes.
  • Extra strong (70) Weight of 1m mat- 5.0kg. Max 16 tonnes.
  • Customisable up to 100 tonnes.

There are hundreds of different colours available, which can be mixed according to client requirements, at no extra cost, but there is a minimum order size. Company or organisation logos or names can also be included in mat designs, for an extra charge. Mats are delivered either flat packed or in rolls of 10/15/20m ready to deploy.

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