Primetech’s upgraded T7 Android based Communicator Body Worn Camera.

Primetech, a pioneering UK communications developer and integrator, has announced the release of the latest model in the Communicator body-worn range - the T7. The T7 Communicator is a highly advanced body-worn communications, video recording and location device (drawing on the GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellite navigation systems). 

It can be used independently or as a component within Primetech’s MultiNet communications network, which combines mobile satellite broadband with 4G /LTE to seamlessly deliver comprehensive resilient communications coverage throughout the UK.;

The Primetech T7 Communicator combines camera, and locational functionality with the capability to allow responders to capture, encrypted, time and date-stamped 4K Ultra High Definition video, stills and audio, linked through satellite, 4G /LTE mobile and Wi-Fi systems, providing full comms coverage regardless of location. 

The T7 Communicator is packed with cutting edge capabilities, including push-to-talk over cellular (POC), a distress alarm function, TFT monitor and the ability to capture HD still photographs. There are also ports for connecting a covert camera, for undercover operations, or external earpiece. 

The T7 Communicator secure docking stations support an intelligent data management system that automatically downloads encrypted files from up to 8, 28 or 50 bonded cameras simultaneously, with each downloaded file attributed to the, individual user and ID number of the camera, time and date stamped for evidential trail purposes. 

The encrypted files on each camera are further protected from power interruption and cannot be deleted from the camera until synchronising has been successfully completed. As well as supporting multiple body camera downloads, the T7’s Digital Evidence Management System allows playback of military-grade encrypted files, achieved via automatic network upload, and automatic recording classification. 

‘We are delighted to offer the T7 to all UK emergency services and responders,’ said Henry Walker, director of Primetech UK Ltd.’ This compact, powerful body-worn camera provides a powerful tool to aid post operational analysis.’ 

Primetech’s MultiNet hub seamlessly delivers joined up communications regardless of location, meaning emergency services have access to a resilient, high capacity network for onward transmission of Body Worn Video, Audio, drone footage, vehicle mounted cameras and incident management systems, supported by military grade encryption for additional security, in any location.

Mobile devices such as ruggedised tablets can be integrated to provide all incident, sector and multi-agency commanders with a Common Operational Picture, at incidents such as wildfires, flooding, major fires etc.

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