University of West of Scotland installs Primetech satellite on Learning Bus

The University of the West of Scotland has installed a Ka-band satellite from Primetech on its new Learning Bus to support online access while the bus is in remote locations across its extremely wide catchment area.  The bus has been purchased to promote adult and further learning in UWS Campus communities and further afield.

The unit is an Optare Tempo bus fitted with 14 computers linked to the satellite system for high bandwidth wireless Internet access. The bus will travel within the UWS footprint and target areas where there are likely to be people who can step on board with a view to finding out about studying at UWS. The bus will visit schools, colleges, community centres, NHS trusts, company HQ’s and sports centres, showcasing UWS courses and facilities. 


The University of the West of Scotland’s new Learning Bus with Ka-band satellite receiver supplied and supported by Primetech.


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