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Primetech sponsors innovative new Toyota SES passenger extraction training vehicle

An innovative new passenger extraction training vehicle, which helps emergency crews learn how to deal with safety systems such as airbags and side impact safety systems, is being sponsored by Primetech and Operation Florian, along with Toyota.  The vehicle will be used for live demonstrations on the Primetech stand at the Emergency Services Show in September (stand G70).


The SES Toyota training vehicle, which is being sponsored by Primetech and Operation Florian, has been produced to educate and train emergency personnel to be safe around vehicles after Road Traffic Collisions.

Vehicle safety plays an important role during a Road Traffic Collision (RTC). During an RTC, the vehicle safety features protect the occupants of the vehicle upon impact, but they can also put the emergency services at risk once they are attending the accident. The police, fire and rescue services, doctors and paramedics are at risk of injury while at a scene attending casualties in the vehicles involved.

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Primetech supports Tour de France success with satellite and voice communications network along race route

The recent Tour de France cycle race through Yorkshire was a huge success. Millions of people turned out to watch the race along its route, and millions more watched the race on television.


The Tour de France attracted huge crowds, requiring comprehensive communications cover along the entire route to support multi agency pubic safety. Image credit: Peter Leahy

Supporting that success behind the scenes was Primetech (UK) Ltd, a leading UK developer and provider of mobile satellite broadband and other high tech communications solutions. Primetech has been supplying fire and rescue services, police forces, government departments and businesses with mobile satellite broadband and other communications solutions for many years, 

Given the remoteness of many of the roads along which the Tour de France was due to travel, and the lack of comprehensive 3G and 4G mobile phone coverage in these areas, it was decided that only mobile satellite broadband systems could provide the kind of comprehensive communications coverage required.

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