Primetech launches Lumaphore BackPac and 400XL tripod lighting systems for improving incident ground illumination

pr77Primetech, the emergency services technology and solutions company, has announced the release of the Lumaphore range of lighting systems to support emergency services and SAR teams with powerful, portable lighting solutions that help illuminate incident grounds much more effectively than torches or small lamps.

A single LUMAPHORE® B40 BackPac delivers a massive 6200 Lumens at 40Watt, and weighs less than 9 kgs with 7 hours operational use at 100%.

The B40 BackPac is a potential game changer for SAR teams worldwide, allowing powerful lighting to be man-carried on an incident ground, This supports more effective response under the difficult conditions often experienced by emergency response and SAR teams, reducing the need to use less powerful snd effective torches.

The LUMAPHORE® 400XL is the most adaptable of the LUMAPHORE® LED range. Four high-power COB LEDs in a translucent polycarbonate casing give increased ground level illumination. It has IK10 protection, and is available with IP65 rated enclosure. The LUMAPHORE® LED 400XL emits more than 48,000 Lumens from less than 400 W.

Deployment options include:

  • Road marking operations
  • Road surfacing operations
  • Emergency services
  • Disaster response
  • Search and Rescue
  • Civil Security
  • Civil Engineering operations

Features include:

  • 2400 m2 lighting from 385 Watts
  • IP65 / IK10
  • Ring of suspension
  • Weight : 6.0kg
  • Robust : ABS, polycarbonate casing
  • Superbly versatile for use in many environments
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