New high tech partnerships with MistMax, XTAR boost Primetech’s support for enhanced emergency service collaboration and efficiency

Primetech UK Ltd, building on its already impressive range of high tech partnerships, has added MistMax firefighting systems and XTAR secure X-band channel security to its offering of advanced emergency service solutions.

These are in addition to its strong relationships with existing partners such as leading global satellite systems supplier C-COM, for whom Primetech is the first European Authorised Service Centre, and Cold Cut with its Cobra high pressure lance-based firefighting system. 

Henry Walker, Technical Director of Primetech said: ‘We are delighted that Primetech is able to offer to our clients the benefits of the powerful solutions developed by our new partners MistMax and XTAR.


‘MistMax systems allow smaller vehicles, such as the TRV initial response vehicle carrying the Primetech-developed MultiPod, to carry a highly effective water and foam firefighting system that will allow emergency services to work in increasingly collaborative and effective ways. 

‘The MistMax system is a lightweight, compact pump-driven firefighting unit encompassing the latest integration of materials, design and functionality. Using the patented MistNozzle technology it maximises water preservation and has an option for a foam induction system to be included within the unit. The MistMax system delivers low-pressure firefighting capability via the patented MistNozzle with a 65% reduction in water used.  

‘Integrated water tanks of various sizes allow self-sufficient supplies of water to be carried, permitting higher vehicle speeds. The MistNozzle not only provides a very powerful level of firefighting, but it also allows users to have extended use of water supplies, consuming 24litres/minute in Mist mode and 48 litres/minute in Jet mode. 

‘The system is suitable for both urban and rural fire services looking to provide Initial Response vehicles. It also assists and supports retained firefighters in all areas, and other emergency services that are dealing with Road Traffic Accidents.


‘XTAR, a US-based commercial X-band satellite operator, enables end-to-end secure, SATCOM-based mobile communications services for government, emergency service, police, security and military customers.

‘This partnership combines Primetech’s proven ability to deliver portable incident ground communications over mobile satellite broadband systems with XTAR’s high-throughput X-band space segment that offers dedicated, non pre-emptible service to small and mobile terminals.

‘As emergency services look to respond to all types of incident regardless of terrain, weather or situation, this new partnership will offer them a mobile, always-on, all-weather, all-terrain solution that will meet the increasing demands on their resources.

‘All of the solutions being offered by Primetech support the drive among emergency services for increased multi-agency collaboration and improved efficiencies at lower cost, all with public and emergency worker safety as top priorities.’