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C-COM Satellite Systems Inc., (TSXV: CMI) the leading global provider of mobile auto-deploying satellite antenna systems, announced today that it has received type approval for its iNetVu® Ka-1202G antenna system from Avanti Communications (AVN:LSE).  Avanti is a London (United Kingdom) based leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The iNetVu® Ka-1202G mobile antenna, along with its new advanced 7710 auto-acquire controller, was able to deliver in excess of 10Mbps upload and up to maximum modem capacity 59Mbps download rates using an iDirect X7 Satellite Router with 3W transceiver during the tests.  

“We are pleased to see our latest 1.2m auto-deploying antenna added to Avanti’s Approved Compatibility list,” said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. “The system was tested using 3-axis motorization allowing the user to operate within the same Ka beam or to roam to adjacent beams with auto-polarization switching function.”The iNetVu®  Ka-1202G system is C-COM’s third vehicle-mounted antenna that has been approved to operate on Avanti’s HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellites.

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Primetech announces partnership with leading US X-band secure satellite operator XTAR

Partnership will allow Primetech to provide a dedicated, secure government and military frequency to UK emergency service, government and other clients.


Primetech (UK), a leading pioneer of advanced communications solutions for emergency services, government departments, businesses and armed forces, today announces its partnership with XTAR, a US-based commercial X-band satellite operator, to enable end-to-end secure, SATCOM-based mobile communications services for government, emergency service, police, security and military customers.

This partnership combines Primetech’s proven ability to deliver portable incident ground communications over mobile satellite broadband systems with XTAR’s high-throughput X-band space segment that offers dedicated, non pre-emptible service to small and mobile terminals.

As emergency services look to respond to all types of incident regardless of terrain, weather or situation, this new partnership will offer them a mobile, always-on, all-weather, all-terrain solution that will meet the increasing demands on their resources.

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Primetech and C-COM launch Comms-On-The-Move system

Primetech and C-COM Satellite Systems of Canada have launched Comms-On-The-Move, the world’s first Ka-band mobile satellite broadband system that can send and receive data while emergency response vehicles are on the move.


Comms-On-The-Move from Primetech and C-COM, the world’s first Ka-band mobile satellite broadband system that can send and receive data while emergency response vehicles are on the move. Vehicle image courtesy of Volvo Special Vehicles UK.

The system is unique. It is the first in the world that can send and receive Ka-band mobile satellite broadband data while its carrier vehicle is in transit. This allows emergency vehicles to conduct data gathering and broadband communications while en route to an incident, speeding up command response and the creation and maintenance of a Common Operational Picture. This supports the Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Principles (JESIP).

Developed using complex technologies pioneered by C-COM, Comms-On-The-Move has been designed to give emergency services new ways to refine and improve their approaches for dealing with major emergencies. They can do this by linking communications, command and control systems, mapping, databases and TV and other news sources to emergency vehicles in transit, helping to deliver an even more dynamically updated picture of what is happening during fast moving and complex single and multi-agency events.

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Primetech’s Resilient Communications Trailer Expands, Delivers Massively Increased Command Capability

MultiNet Comms system provides full incident ground communications coverage


Image caption Primetech's Resilient Communications Trailer has been expanded, and now has the capability to deploy Primetech’s MultiNet Comms system

The groundbreaking Primetech Resilient Communications Trailer has now been expanded and upgraded, with powerful new capabilities added. The expansion of capabilities was driven by a requirement from Norway following the communications problems experienced during the Anders Behring Breivik shootings, and this has been enhanced further by the addition of the MultiNet Comms system to the Primetech range.

Increasing in size to carry additional equipment, the trailer now features the highly capable MultiNet Comms system, which provides a full suite of communications options, allowing full incident ground coverage by sector - UAV drone imagery, COFDM-based WiFi, Ka-band mobile satellite broadband, interoperable comms switching and radio. This allows sector and incident commanders to gather and share live-streamed video, audio and mapping and other information in real time, creating a Common Operational Picture to support better informed decision making and improved public and emergency worker safety.

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Primetech Launches Powerful, Portable MultiNet Comms Range

Revolutionary modular system delivers portable, interoperable, high capacity Ka-band mobile satellite broadband, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Drone imagery, wide-area WiFi communications and private cellular networks housed in Nanuk ruggedised cases.


The Primetech MultiNet Comms system provides mobile satellite broadband communications support for emergency services with Ka-band mobile satellite broadband, drone live imagery, body-worn, tripod and other ground-based imagery feeds, plus wide area 2.4 and 5.8 GHz COFDM Mesh-supported WiFi, 3G/4G and private cellular network communications. It can also support life signs monitoring, and is powered by light, powerful batteries and swappable back-up battery packs.

At the Emergency Services Show 2015 Primetech will be demonstrating its new MultiNet Comms range of portable, self-supporting incident ground communications solutions. This new range answers a real need among emergency services, such as fast response fire vehicles, for more flexible, high capacity incident ground communications, helping them improve their response to major public safety threats.

Primetech’s new range also complements and builds on a number of other unique Primetech technologies and flexible, agile platforms, such as its Resilient Communications Trailer.

With the launch of its MultiNet Comms family of modular, portable integrated incident ground communications solutions, Primetech has taken a major step towards joined-up incident communications integration. The units are housed in a series of rugged Nanuk cases, delivering live video, voice and internet access over WiFivia a COFDM Mesh network plus 3G/4G private cellular networks. The company has demonstrated once again its commitment to supplying UK emergency services with some of the world’s most advanced operational command communications systems. Such systems support enhanced situational awareness and improved multi-agency interoperability.

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