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Primetech Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle Grows in Popularity

Cumbria FRS latest fire service to introduce system for improving fire-fighting efficiency

The Primetech Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle continues to grow in popularity. A Land Rover based version, called the Cobra Intervention Vehicle, went into service earlier in the year with Cumbria FRS. The new system, supplied by Primetech, is already delivering a massive improvement in firefighting effectiveness.


The Primetech Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle is giving emergency services new options for responding to emergencies in faster, more effective ways.

The vehicle’s state-of--the-art firefighting equipment, supplied and integrated by Primetech, uses a high-pressure hose to blast straight through brick walls and tackle major blazes on the other side. Firefighters can identify the location of a fire inside a building using infra-red images.

The Cobra cold cutting unit on the Cobra Intervention Vehicle (CIV) then uses a lance to shoot an ultra-powerful jet of water loaded with an abrasive cutting substance to blast a 1.3mmsized hole in the wall.  Water is then injected through the hole as a high-pressure mist to absorb the heat and gases from the fire.

The system can reduce the heat in the fire area from 700 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees in just 40 seconds. The system is far safer for firefighters, who can tackle fires from outside rather than entering a burning building, and the instant dowsing reduces the risk explosions of fire. The system instantly limits the spread of a fire and gives the Rescue Leader more time to plan operations.

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Primetech consolidates market-leading position with latest 30 C-COM satellite dish order


Massive order for iNetVu® Ka-75V Ka-band satellite systems demonstrates proven success of the Ka-band channel, C-COM’s product performance and Primetech’s strong reputation in the rapidly expanding UK mobile satellite broadband market.   

Primetech, the leading UK mobile satellite broadband systems supplier and integrator, has announced a major new order for 30 C-COM iNetVu® Ka-75V systems for its customers in the UK market.

C Com Ka 75V satellite receiver

Primetech has announced a major new order for 30 C-COM iNetVu® Ka-75V systems for its customers in the UK market.

The iNetVu® Ka-75V Drive-Away Antenna is a 75 cm auto-acquire satellite antenna system designed for use with Viasat modems. It can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle for direct broadband access over any configured satellite. The system works seamlessly with the iNetVu® 7024 Controller providing fast satellite acquisition at a press of a button.

Approved for use on the ExedeSM Ka Service by VIASAT and on the KA-SAT NEWSSPOTTER NEWSGATHERING service by Eutelsat, the systems, supplied by C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. of Ottawa, Canada, will be used for new and existing clients throughout the UK.

The order, the largest ever placed in the UK for C-COM iNetVu® Ka-75V satellite systems, follows Primetech’s appointment earlier this year as C-COM’s first European Authorised Service Centre.

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Primetech Launches MultiNet Comms Range

Primetech has launched its innovative new MultiNet Comms range of portable, self-supporting incident ground communications solutions. This new range answers a real need among emergency services for more flexible, high capacity incident ground communications, helping them improve their response to major public safety threats.


Primetech’s new range will also complement and build on a number of other unique Primetech technologies and flexible, agile platforms, such as its Resilient Communications Trailer, that the company has developed for improving emergency communications. These are all highly relevant to all UK emergency services.

UK mobile satellite broadband and communications developer and integrator Primetech has, over the past decade, built a growing reputation for developing and implementing advanced communications solutions. It supplies Ka-band mobile satellite broadband and other integrated communications systems, such as High Definition video and incident ground WiFi, to emergency services on a wide variety of platforms, from large and small Incident Command Units to more mobile Resilient Communications Trailers and fast, flexible vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Trojan and Land Rovers.

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Primetech selected as Europe’s first C-COM Authorised Service Centre

New status acknowledges company’s expertise in satcomms service and support

AINVPrimetech has been selected by C-COM of Canada as its first European Authorised Service Centre. Authorised Service Centres must meet a number of very strict requirements. They must have at least 12 months minimum proven experience supporting and installing iNetVu satellite systems. They are also required to maintain a comprehensive local inventory of spare parts, and staff must have completed iNetVu training courses. With over 10 years of support for C-COM satellite systems in the UK and throughout Europe, Primetech has fulfilled these criteria many times over.

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Primetech supports Tour de France success with satellite and voice communications network along race route

The recent Tour de France cycle race through Yorkshire was a huge success. Millions of people turned out to watch the race along its route, and millions more watched the race on television.


The Tour de France attracted huge crowds, requiring comprehensive communications cover along the entire route to support multi agency pubic safety. Image credit: Peter Leahy

Supporting that success behind the scenes was Primetech (UK) Ltd, a leading UK developer and provider of mobile satellite broadband and other high tech communications solutions. Primetech has been supplying fire and rescue services, police forces, government departments and businesses with mobile satellite broadband and other communications solutions for many years, 

Given the remoteness of many of the roads along which the Tour de France was due to travel, and the lack of comprehensive 3G and 4G mobile phone coverage in these areas, it was decided that only mobile satellite broadband systems could provide the kind of comprehensive communications coverage required.

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