EasyTrac, a 100% recyclable Emergency Traction Mat system designed to provide a robust, easily deployed rescue platform for use in a variety of challenging environments.

  • EasyTrac Emergency traction Mats (ETM) improve the safety of recovery crews, vehicle accessibility, and worker mobility in challenging operating conditions.
  • Despite their lightweight, rugged plastic construction all EasyTrac (ETM) provide stability and traction for both people and vehicles in a variety of hazardous conditions, including deep riverbank mud, EasyTrac can support loads in excess of 100 tonnes using a 130mm mat.
  • EasyTrac's cutting-edge technological innovations will have a significant impact on off-road career operatives who work in harsh working environments. The rubbery texture of the material, as well as the one-of-a-kind 'returnability' characteristic, make it extremely flexible and ensure that it returns to its original shape even after being distorted repeatedly.

Stablity under foot
Customisable Colours

  • EasyTrac is a modular system that is both environmentally friendly and easily transportable, which reduces waste, storage and deployment costs while also reducing overall system weight.
  • EasyTrac is simple to construct, use, maintain, store, and deploy. It is also simple to maintain and refresh.
  • EasyTrac is a valuable lifesaving tool for rescuers because it provides stability underfoot in a variety of challenging environments, such as deep riverbank mud and other hostile environments.
  • EasyTrac's straightforward design eliminates the need for any ground preparation prior to installation. Its flexibility enables it to 'terrain follow' at any angle of ascent or descent, regardless of the rise or fall in elevation.
  • Due to the fact that EasyTrac is scalable, individual mats can be interconnected to create any length of track that the user desires.

Manufacture Process:
EasyTrac is manufactured from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, an Elastomeric Copolymer that provides a rubber-like softness, flexibility, and 'returnability' after repeated deformation during use. The lightweight, modular structure of EasyTrac, as well as its rubbery elasticity and low weight, reduce transportation, storage and deployment costs.

After use, spray with water to keep it clean and remove any ground materials that may have become attached during use. Because of EasyTrac's flexibility, there is no need to prepare the ground because it has the ability to 'terrain follow' at any angle of ascent or descent. EasyTrac is completely impervious to water and can be left outside in all weather conditions. No matter how hot or cold it is, it has no effect on it and does not cause any environmental issues or concerns.

Minimal Environmental Impact:
Designed to contour to the terrain, EasyTrac's strength and flexibility prevent tyres from slipping off of the mats, making access and recovery simpler while minimising environmental impact.

"I have delivered specialist offroad 4x4 training to national utilities, emergency services and Government Agencies for the past  22 years via my company, Deepdale Off Road and have come across numerous traction aids over this time.

Some are more successful than others but most suffer from being too heavy and bulky to store within the vehicle, EasyTrac is light weight, strong and rolls up to fill any storage space available. It coped brilliantly even when we used it to prevent my 6 ton JCB from sinking into soft ground. I would recommend EasyTrac to anyone looking for this type of product to minimise ground damage or help recover stranded vehicles."
Graeme Gill,  www.deepdaleoffroad.com


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