NEW - MultiNet T6 combined camera, radio, GPS-enabled device

The powerful MultiNet T6 combined camera, radio and GPS-enabled device allows emergency responders to use time and date-stamped (and encrypted) 4K Ultra High Definition video and audio, linked through interoperable satellite, mobile, Wifi and radio systems, providing full comms coverage regardless of location.

  • Can be carried on PPE or mounted on vehicles, and is packed with cutting edge capabilities, including push-to-talk, communication across networks, a distress alarm function, TFT monitor and the ability to capture HD still photographs.
  • Comes with a portable, secure docking station (IP68) that contains an intelligent data management system which automatically downloads encrypted files from up to 12 bonded cameras simultaneously, with each downloaded file attributed to the ID number of the camera, time and date stamped for evidential trail purposes.


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