Body-worn, Helmet and Thermal Imaging Cameras

Primetech has introduced theT6 Body Camera - a new, high-spec body-worn video camera to its MultiNet incident ground communications system.

MultiNet T6 Body Camera V4 LRThe MultiNet T6 Body camera is a robust, Wi-Fi, 4G and GPS enabled device, which is interchangeable between vehicle or body-worn mounts that simultaneously live streams, tracks, records, encrypts time & date stamped 4K Ultra High Definition video & audio.

The T6 meets the standards set out in the HO Technical guidance for Body Worn Video (BWV) devices: CAST 2018; and is ideal for collaboration across all sectors of the Emergency and Security Services supporting situations where security and well being are at risk. Full details available here.

Primetech has launched the range of FireCam OnCall heat resistant 4K hi-resolution cameras in the UK. The cameras were chosen because they have been specifically designed by firefighters for use within fire and rescue services.  The cameras can withstand very high temperatures and provide high resolution 4K, live-streamed secure video imagery and high quality audio.  This can be viewed through Primetech’s MultiNet Comms system as well as on a unique smartphone app with secure access.

Primetech is the sole UK distributor for the FireCam OnCall range of body and helmet-worn 4K video cameras. The cameras have the capability to help Firefighters, Incident and Sector commanders improve the safety of fire personnel as well as contributing to the more effective management of fires and other incidents, delivering live updates of incident conditions throughout all relevant command structures, as well as recording footage for post-incident analysis.

HelmetCamLapelCam packshot

The cameras are so high spec that HD versions have been used recently to film action footage for a new reality TV series featuring West Midlands Fire Service.

The cameras are so high spec that HD versions were chosen by an award-winning production company which had a requirement to record broadcast quality footage (onto SD cards) for a live action documentary series that is being shown on UKTV’s Really Channel. The documentary follows firefighters undertaking their various professional roles in West Midlands Fire Service.  More information can be found on

Through Primetech’s MultiNet Comms, Wi-Fi start-up is instantaneous, which enables the live stream to integrate into the MultiNet Comms network with ease. The quality of the video stream is outstanding, with infrared recording as standard.


Into The Fire, filmed using 70 of Primetech's FireCam OnCall helmet cameras, will begin transmission on January 8 on UKTV’s Really Channel. The series won Project of the Year for Primetech and West Mids FS in the 2017 Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards.

The FireCam OnCall helmet-worn video camera system has a number of stand-out features:

  • The cameras were designed by firefighters for firefighters;
  • They are robust, having been designed to cope with very high temperatures;
  • The cameras provide high quality 4K live streamed imagery, without pixellation or image breakup, plus infra-red imagery;
  • High quality live video and audio can be streamed across incident grounds to Command Support units and other Command Centres through Primetech's unique MultiNet Comms communications system using COFDM MESH Wifi;
  • Imagery can also be viewed using a custom developed App that allows the image to be accessed securely on smartphones;
  • The images can be viewed by Sector and Incident Commanders and Support Teams to improve safety, situational awareness and to create a Common Operational Picture, within Fire and Rescue Services and across multi-agencies;
  • These images can be captured for video and audio, to enable them to be viewed later for a multitude of purposes, including training, incident ground procedures and for coroners’ and other legal enquiries.

In Primetech’s view, FireCam OnCall helmet-worn cameras give Fire and Rescue Services and other Emergency Services a clear operational advantage, and we are delighted to be able to offer them to services across the UK.   We firmly believe that these cameras can make a significant contribution to firefighter, emergency service personnel and public safety.


The MultiNet T6 Body camera (left), Reveal FirePRO advanced handheld thermal imaging camera (centre) and Hytera Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM) body-worn camera with remote speaker phone (right).

Reveal FirePRO is an advanced handheld thermal imaging camera. Highly durable and easy to use, Reveal FirePRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you fight fires smarter and safer. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. The Reveal FirePRO delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging available at this price.

Hytera Remote Video Speaker Microphone (RVM) is designed to capture, store and share media including audio, image and video evidence taken from the field. The body-worn camera with remote speaker phone allows users to make and receive voice communications, initiate an emergency alarm, and deliver real-time video to a control centre over the LTE network, even in low-light conditions; when paired with the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio. The Hytera RVM docks into a specifically designed Multi-Unit Charger that automatically exports audio, video, images and log files to the Digital Evidence Management (DEM) platform. This feature ensures content captured remains tamper-proof.

All of these cameras can be integrated into Primetech's MultiNet Comms integrated incident ground communications system.

Additional Information - FireCam OnCall: Body and Helmet-Worn Cameras