The iNetVu Fly-75V - High capacity Ka-band antenna


The iNetVu Fly-75V Flyaway Ka-band antenna, supplied in the UK by Primetech

When fast, portable, high bandwidth satellite communications are a top priority, there is one affordable, proven solution from a world leading antennae supplier - C-COM Satellite System’s iNetVu Fly-75V Flyaway antenna. Now available in the UK - from Primetech


Emergency services and Satellite News Gathers (SNG’s) alike are reliant on rapid deployment mobile satellite broadband communications to support their operations. To be useful, systems need to be deployed quickly and efficiently by non-technical personnel, delivering robust, resilient capacity with the minimum of fuss.

The iNetVu Fly-75V Flyaway antenna delivers the required satellite capability - in a highly portable, self-pointing auto-acquire unit that can be deployed in 10 minutes, delivering fast satellite acquisition, anytime, anywhere.

And with Primetech’s in-depth satellite knowledge and superb customer training and support, introducing the iNetVu-Fly-75 to your emergency service is kept simple for non-technical staff.


Primetech, Avanti and C-COM deliver dual satcomms resilience breakthrough

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