MultiNet Network for rock-solid portable integrated communications

MultiNetCommsLogo300Primetech’s market leading MultiNet Communications system integrates cutting edge communications channels and technologies to help emergency services gather critical Incident Ground Intelligence and deliver a Common Operational Picture across single and multi-agencies

MultiNet Comms Network provides converging proven technologies where terrestrial networks are inconsistent, scarce or congested.

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The MultiNet Network delivers fast, robust, reliable connectivity - Anywhere! Anytime! Any location, fulfilling the demand for:

  • Temporary or special project networks
  • Greenfield developments
  • Emergency/Disaster response
  • Festivals/Sporting events
  • Resilient, Ka-band mobile satellite broadband
  • Integrated multi-channel radio, push-to-talk over satellite
  • Body-worn radios/cameras
  • Incident ground wifi for sharing data, imagery and voice
  • Live-streamed drone imagery
  • Incident ground emergency management software systems • Military grade encryption to ensure privacy/security


  • High Capacity and Deployable anywhere - based on Ka-band mobile satellite broadband.
  • Multi-device and Multi-channel - delivering voice, video and data across vehicle and non- vehicle mounted mobile satellite broadband systems, incident ground Wifi, integrated multichannel voice comms (radio, mobile) all seamlessly integrated through one system.
  • Integrated with cutting edge technologies such as T6 Communicator advanced body-worn camera, radio and GPS device, ruggedised Wifi tablets and laptops, hi res imagery drones.
  • Resilient and secure - with military grade encryption


Primetech’s MultiNet gives organisations of all kinds the reassurance they need that they can deliver communications that support a Common Operational Picture and up-to-the-minute situational awareness to all participants - at incident ground level, locally, regionally and nationally, protecting public and emergency worker safety and supporting enhanced sporting and other event management.


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