The MultiNet Communications Trailer

Mobile satellite broadband, radio, live-streamed imagery and wifi in a lightweight, portable and highly flexible package

The MultiNet Communications Trailer is a unique piece of kit for supporting emergency, SAR and disaster response operations. It contains a range of high power communications systems, giving emergency services, SAR organisations and disaster response organisations and NGO’s a new option for deploying high powered, self-sufficient mobile satellite broadband-based communications without requiring the use of a full scale Incident Command Unit.

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Combined with portable accommodation such as tents, or used in temporary facilities such as schools, churches or local government buildings, the MultiNet Communications Trailer allows a fully featured emergency command centre to be set up anywhere, at any time.

The MultiNet Communications Trailer features a multi frequency mobile satellite broadband system (Ka, Ku and X-Band through one receiver), a self-healing COFDM Mesh wifi network, Incident Command software on MDT's, and an 8-metre mast capable of supporting a wide range of different frequencies and radio systems - UHF, VHF, TETRA - plus VoIP, digital television, satellite phones , etc.

p9999These systems can then be integrated with drones, wide-area incident ground wifi using mobile base stations, and the hugely capable MultiNet T6 Communicator combined handheld/body-worn radios with hi resolution video/stills camera and GPS capabilities. These deliver push-to-talk capability in areas where normal radio and mobile phone mast coverage is not available.

All of these systems, plus a silent running generator, are housed in a robust, waterproof, long-life co-polymer pod carried on a trailer that can be towed by non-specialist vehicles and drivers, both on- and off-road.

The MultiNet Communications Trailer has multi-agency interoperability built into its DNA. 

Towable by vehicles of any kind, the MultiNet Communications Trailer is a flexible and resilient communications unit that can deliver high bandwidth capability, in any location, via an auto-seeking combined Ka/Ku/X-Band satellite system, with multi-VPN automatic 3G failover and wireless communications from a 5 metre pneumatic mast. Units can be customised to satisfy individual service requirements.

  • Trailers are easily towed and manoeuvred, allowing mobile satellite broadband and wireless comms to be taken into sites not easily reached by larger mobile command vehicles. 
  • Use of the trailer frees up larger command vehicles, essential during large-scale, wide area multi-site and multi-agency emergencies.
  • Trailers are self-contained versatile, resilient units capable of delivering high bandwidth capability via an auto-seeking satellite system, multi-VPN, automatic 3G failover unit.
  • Trailers feature 5-metre pneumatic masts delivering powerful wireless communications to support improved emergency management by emergency service teams.


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