Primetech use of XTAR increases power of MultiNet Comms

Addition of X-Band technology increases satcomms channel security and resilience for emergency service communications.


Primetech has announced a new partnership with XTAR, a US-based commercial X-band satellite operator that will enable end-to-end secure, military grade satcomm communications for its MultiNet Comms system.

Primetech has made another move towards increasing the power of its MultiNet Comms integrated incident ground communications system. It has announced a new partnership with XTAR, a US-based commercial X-band satellite operator. The new partnership will enable end-to-end secure, satcomm-based mobile communications services for government, emergency service, police, security and military customers.


EST April 2016 Primetech v2

This partnership combines Primetech’s proven ability to deliver portable incident ground communications over its MultiNet Comms mobile satellite broadband system with XTAR’s high-throughput X-band space segment that offers dedicated, non pre-emptible service to small and mobile terminals.

As emergency services look to respond to all types of incident regardless of terrain, weather or situation, this new partnership will offer them a mobile, always-on, all-weather, all-terrain solution that will meet the increasing demands on their resources.

X-band is a dedicated government and military frequency that excels in providing critical high data rate communications to small terminals in any weather. Many government users require timely, uninterrupted communications, often in remote hazardous areas, to achieve their missions in a cost-effective manner.  This partnership makes X-band accessible to emergency services and government users - who demand service anytime and anywhere - available wherever it is required. Both Primetech and X-TAR have said that they are pleased to be partnering to support emergency, military and government customers.

XTAR, LLC is a privately owned satellite operator delivering X-band services to U.S. and Allied government users. Its two satellite payloads, with high-powered global, fixed and steerable spot beams, readily support mobile applications. Today, XTAR enables mobile command posts, disaster response operations, special operations platforms on land and sea, and airborne sensor data operating in the harshest environments.

Henry Walker, Technical Director of Primetech said: ‘The addition of the XTAR dedicated government and military services frequencies, in conjunction with the world-leading C-COM Satellite range of Drive and Fly Away antennas, strengthens our portfolio of solutions for emergency services as they move into a new era of shared resources and collaboration. We are delighted to be partnering with XTAR.’


The MultiNet Comms family features fully portable, mobile Ka-band satellite broadband, live-streamed drone and other camera imagery, COFDM-based Wifi and interoperable communications. The new XTAR capability will deliver additional communications security and resilience in bad weather for MultiNet Comms users.

The MultiNet Comms system is a unique, portable Integrated Incident Ground Communications System from Primetech that combines broadband satcomms, voice comms, wide area WiFi and drone imagery to allow emergency service, counter terror and disaster relief command teams to create and share a Common Operational Picture, in real time - across incidents, between incidents, and on up through the command chain and between multi-agency partners.

Being fully portable - light, compact and battery powered - the MultiNet Comms system can support wide area operations in areas that cannot be reached by road-bound Incident Command Units.

It allows communications facilities to be provided regardless of operating conditions - bad weather, limited access for large Incident Command Units (due to flooding, rough terrain or poor roads), or overloaded mobile communications networks. It also allows national and international Search and Rescue and disaster relief teams to use self-supporting interoperable communications systems through systems that are independent of destroyed or non-existent local communications networks.  


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