• Comms-On-The-Move

    The world’s first Ka-band receiver delivering satellite communications in transit Read More
  • Resilient Communications Trailer

    Ka satellite and communications system towable by any vehicle Read More
  • Primetech Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle

    Powerful, flexible firefighting and portable Ka-satellite incident communications Read More
  • CBRNe incidents require joined up communications

    Integrated incident ground communications can support HART ambulance teams Read More
  • Major firefighting needs powerful communications

    Primetech's integrated communications deliver multi-agency Common Operational Picture Read More
  • Primetech communications support International Search and Rescue

    MultiNet Comms portable system delivers self supporting ISAR satcomms Read More
  • Live-streamed aerial video imagery

    Primetech's MultiNet Comms UAV provides eye in the sky Read More
  • Cumbria FRS's Rapid Response Tactical Vehicle

    TV Demonstration shows firefighting power of Cobra system Read More
  • Primetech solutions for Search and Rescue

    Ka-satellite and MultiNet Comms join up multi-agency communications Read More
  • Primetech launches MultiNet Comms

    Portable, interoperable system delivers joined-up communications Read More
  • MultiNet Comms delivers Common Operational Picture

    System is interoperable, portable, multi-agency Read More
  • Primetech: Authorised C-Com Service Centre

    Primetech becomes first authorised service centre in Europe Read More
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Latest newsletter launches Comms-On-The-Move by Primetech & C-COM


PrimetechVolvov70 PoliceVehicle Rear WithSatellitei

Primetech launches
Comms-On-The-Move system


Primetech launches
MultiNet Comms