MultiNet RAPID 5G - Unbreakable Connectivity

Pop-up services have grown increasingly important in various industries, ranging from green-field development sites to emergency response teams and everything in between.

Organisations with a need to support ‘pop-up’ remote working and first responders in different ways have a common requirement: the capacity to communicate effectively.

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Primetech’s MultiNet RAPID is a ruggedised, portable ‘popup’ network kit that is simple to use, operated via a single waterproof rocker switch; the equipment is gps trackable and can be managed 24/7/365 from any location using Peplinks incontrol2.

The RAPID is fully operational with the lid closed. It has no external antennas, which reduces deployment time while making the kit less prone to in-field damage. it minimises the possibility of component misplacement, making it economical and straightforward to operate.

At less than 5kg in weight, the RAPID is a simple grab-and-go ‘pop-up’ kit delivering 5g/4g/lte backhaul connectivity and an impressive wi-fi bubble. Rapid is equipped with an IP68 rated 802.11 ethernet networking port as a standard feature.

The RAPID kit, operational in <3 minutes delivers seamless VPN connectivity, enabling non-technical users to establish secure, uninterrupted communications with their headquarters from any location.. Rapid Wi-Fi has a range of approximately 100m, can support 100+ users and is equipped with a unique hot-swappable power source that can deliver an uninterrupted remote working environment for 7-8 hours without recharging. Spare battery packs are optional if more extended deployments are required.

On-site support time to carry out configuration changes is significantly reduced thanks to the cloud-based management platform, making management of the MultiNet RAPID an inexpensive, straightforward task.

  • ON / OFF Rocker Switch
  • Cellular 1 & 2 Status
  • Device Status LED Cellular, Wi-Fi & GPS


  • Greenfield / Construction Sites
  • Search & Rescue
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Emergency Services Operations
  • Disaster Management