The Primetech MultiPod®

PrimetechTRVMultiPod homeMultiPod®, is a unique ‘drop in’ body system designed by Primetech to be used in any 4 x 4 utility style vehicle. This means that should a service have vehicles of this type within their fleet then these vehicles can easily be brought into service to fill the role of Collaborative Response Vehicles. MultiPod® presents a real opportunity to bring significant financial savings to any Authority considering the introduction of CRV's into hard-to-reach or remote locations.

Now, more than ever, the pressure is on emergency services to deliver more with less, by collaborating more intensively and adopting more efficient single, combined or multi-agency emergency response vehicles and systems.

To support these moves, emergency service personnel need the right tools for the job, and a key requirement for this is the development of more effective, cost efficient Collaborative Response vehicles.

MultiPodonVehicle product

The MultiPod® COBRA mounted in the Primetech MultiPod® provides both high pressure lance and misting firefighting options. It retains the same water carrying and firefighting capability as the standard COBRA system, but has the benefit of a substantial reduction in weight, therefore enhancing the speed and flexibility of a lighter weight device on utility vehicles.

Primetech has designed and created the MultiPod®. MultiPod® is a drop-in module capable of turning an off-the-shelf or under utilised existing fleet, utility-style vehicle into a Collaborative Response Vehicle, which Primetech is calling the Collaborative Response Vehicle (CRV). MultiPods® have built-in skids for easy loading onto utility style vehicles.

The CRV vehicle with MultiPod® is capable of carrying the next generation of firefighting systems,  such as the COBRA ultra-high-pressure lance system. 

With its versatile internal storage capacity, MultiPod® is also capable of carrying MultiNet Comms, the single and multi-agency command communications system, as well as Police and Paramedic support equipment. Primetech’s ground-breaking MultiNet Comms system can also be carried on the CRV with MultiPod®. This latest technology provides command teams with fully portable, battery-powered C-COM Ka-band mobile satellite broadband and other incident ground communications systems.

The drive for emergency service reform and improved efficiency comes from the very highest level. Prime Minister Theresa May, when Home Secretary, stated in her Reform speech (24th May 2016) that the Fire Service had to change and look for new initiatives for working. Since her speech, much has been said and written about the need for the emergency services to explore new ways to improve efficiencies and promote collaboration. 

multipod new1Sir Ken Knight’s, ‘Facing the Future’ report, stated:

‘New mobilising protocols, new vehicle types and improved technology are all highlighted through the press and media as improving the efficiency of the Service in austere times.’

Primetech director Henry Walker said:

‘Primetech has met with fire and other emergency service personnel and we have listened to how they perceive what the future of their services will be.  Taking on board the comments received, Primetech believes we have developed a comprehensive and innovative solution. Our universal family of flexible, demountable MultiPods® can be set up for use on a wide variety of different vehicle platforms and configurations, and used in a multitude of different ways.

‘In practical, real-world terms, a single or combined service MultiPod®-equipped Collaborative Response Vehicle could travel to a road traffic accident at high speed (because it can carry relatively low volumes of water), at the scene of the accident deploy cones and other safety equipment, and use its systems to put out the fire with great efficiency.

‘In a different configuration, a multi-agency command and communications Collaborative Response Vehicle with portable MultiNet Comms integrated incident ground communications system, inflatable shelter and other support equipment, could rapidly set up a multi-agency Incident Command Centre without the need for a large and expensive ICU to be deployed.


MultiPod® is constructed using advanced polymers that deliver great strength but which are light in weight.